Nvidia 460 GTX running very hot

Hello. system specs are:

Intel i7 2600k 3.4ghz cpu.
2x Nvidia EVGA 460 GTX graphics cards.
16gb DDR3 1600mhz memory.
1000w cooler master PSU.
Asus p8p67 deluxe motherboard.
and my case is the HAF932.

So I got this rig running today and I installed Battlefield bad Company 2.. I cranked all the settings to max and was running a steady 60fps no lag no problems at all.. I had EVGA precision open so I could monitor the temps of both my GPUs.. And all the sudden the fan on one of them kicked in to 100% so I looked down to the temps and one of them was running at 98c and the other at 95c.. Is that normal for having duo graphics cards? I've never used duo cards before. Just wondering if those are safe speeds to run my cards at haha.. and if not how can I cool them down more?

Idle temps at 40c and 39c.

I'm not sure if this matters at all but my PSU is mounted on the bottom of my case and the fan on it is facing down. should that fan be facing up?
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  1. My 460 GTX on battle field 3 with latest evga precision dont go above 58 with the beta on bust.
  2. Do you have 1 or 2 though?
  3. Oh, and I'm not overclocking at all.
  4. Are the cards very close together and what models are they?
  5. The cards have 1 slot in between them. I can't put them farther apart because the sli bridge is not long enough and even if it was my power supply would be in the way.

    and I have 2 of these:

    I'm kind of a novice at building computers so I'm not exactly sure what you mean by what models they are.
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    Airflow isn't an issue with these compared to others but they are known to run hotter despite dumping the heat outside the case. They shouldn't be running this hot though and suggest perhaps changing the thermal compound and is there a case fan near by?
  7. Alright I just got it fixed a little while ago. I re arranged the wires so they were not in the way of the fan on the front and removed the empty drive bays from the front. and flipped over the psu *mounted on the bottom* so the fan on it is now facing up instead of down. On the same game with the same settings they never got above 72c
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