Hello i have the gigabyte GA970A-UD3 with an FX 6300 processor. I am a noob with PCs but wanted to update bios, because from what i heard updating is good :P So i updated to F7 and the update description says " Update CPU AGESA" . What exactly is this ? Something with the CPU but what? I have a major problem with my new computer ' it shuts down randomly. Maybe this update would fix it? Could be something with the AMD FX 6300 combined with this motherboard? I dont know , im just asking . im a noob !
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  1. This means the bios update will update CPU agesa Try resetting the bios settings and booting again. If the crashes continue there might be a problem with your ram cards.
    Please provide more information about your ram if the problem is not fixed.
  2. Ok how can i provide info about my RAM ? You mean which RAM is it ? Or some logs or something ?

    Wait you mean reset the BIOS to the default version ?
  3. Not reset your bios to the default version but reset your bios settings. Remove the bios battery for a couple of minutes and reinstall the battery.

    Tell me how many ram cards you have, how many ram slots you have in your motherboard, how have you placed the ram cards in your motherboard
  4. i have 2 x 4GB corsair vengeance 1600 mhz ! i have 4 slots in my motherboard, and put them in the same color ! if thats what you were afraid of ! We did RAM tests on LINUX for 4 hours and they seemed ok :/

    I have done the part with the battery removal and nothing !

    BTW the PC Shut down before i install the latest BIOS version F7. So i will test it now with the latest version ! Maybe you thought it shuts down with the version i installed !
  5. Yes I thought you are having problems after installing the update.
    Your rams should be in the 2nd and 4th slot but I think your setup is fine.
  6. No i had problems with the defaults BIOS version . I now installed the latest F7 but havent tested it yet !


    You mean 2nd and 4th , the white slots right?
  7. Tested with the latest BIOS version and still shuts down!
  8. yes the white slots .
    what exactly happens at the time it shuts down? any blue screens, do you even get windows running or it happens before that?
  9. i put the recommended BIOS settings for RAM in my motherboard and it appears to work now.. i think there was a conflict between my motherboard and the RAMs .
    One should contact his motherboard manufacter to ask for the BIOS settings !!
  10. Yeah a lot of problems are caused due to that.
  11. but they were on default settings by the time i bought it ! i dont get it ! the RAMs were set to 1333mhz by default, but they are 1600mhz ones!
  12. On some motherboards the ram cards are to match the fsb speeds. To do this they lower the frequency of the ram cards along with the timings so it is better you leave it like this. You'll hardly experience any speed improvements because after you set them to the ram card specified settings. If you are really want to increase speeds decrease the timings.
    It is better to match the ram frequency and the fab speed.
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