NZXT Apollo CPU Cooler Clearance?

Quick question: I was interested in this case but I cannot seem to find the clearance height for CPU coolers. The cooler I want to use is the popular Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus So, will it fit?
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  1. Yes! read the 4rth user feedback entry!
    Case is 8.33" wide so 212+ is no problem to fit.
    Much nicer cases out there for $60 though.
  2. Well uh... Can I have an example? Haha
  3. Haf 912, Antec 300, Bitfenix Outlaw.
  4. hahaha dont make me laugh dude. Those black poor looking cases! i can find those in China for around $10. I still have yet to find a good illuminated case as good as the apollo for the same price. But those you showed are really dull looking.
    Just good coolers that's all

    Anyways i bought the hyper 212 evo and it doesn't fit on my Apollo unless i place it in horizontal position. If i try to fit it in a vertical way, it does hit the window fan and that annoys me so much because it messes up with my cooling.

    Just wanted to update because 212 Evo fits but not fully with this case. In fact i think most 120mm fan heat-sink cant fit on this case.
  5. Derp
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