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Hello, I'm a first time PC builder (I own mac). I'm making a PC for general gaming. Currently, I want to play Battlefield 3 and ARMA 2 on medium settings. Like the title says I don't know too much about PC building so I was wondering if some one (or multiple people) could check to see if all this stuff will work together. Also, if there is a better deal or a better item you know about then can you let me know?

Case: Sentey Black Box Series BX2-4260 (30.00)

Mather Board: ASRock 970 EXTREME3 AM3+ AMD 970 SATA (90.00) <--Unlocking and over-clocking the CPU

Power: Coolmax 500W PSU ATX Power Supply CL-500B 40.00

CPU: AMD Phenom™ II X2 555 Black 50.00



CD Drive: ASUS 24X OEM DVDRW (23.00)

GPU: GeForce GTS 250 (70.00)
or ZOTAC ZT-40704-10L GeForce GT 440 (60.00)
or Zotac GT440 2GB DDR3 (80.00)

So... will this all work?

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    Looks compatible, although I would go with this memory:
    Team Elite 8GB $28
    and this video card:

    or downgrade to 4GB of RAM (because you really don't need 8GB if you're playing video games)
    G.SKILL NS 4GB Model F3-10600CL9D-4GBNS $21
    and add a little more money, and buy this gfx card:
  2. Cool, thanks for the reply. Are you sure I won't need 8 GB of ram, I see a lot of gaming computers with that much? Also, with the video card, I'm guessing based on your response that it is better to have DDR5 than DDR3 with half the memory?
  3. I have 4GB of RAM and I rarely use even half of the RAM (and I play black ops). Also the GPU on the 6770 is stronger, therefore can withstand higher resolution and higher Frames per second than the GT440. As you can see the 6770 is better than the gt440:,3067-7.html
  4. Cool, thanks! I'm going to get this stuff soon. Maybe I will get the better GPU.
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  6. Before you click the buy button, you MUST change the PSU to 500W Corsair, Seasonic, Antec, OCZ. It is for the sake of your other components.
  7. Why?
  8. Because Coolmax is not a known brand and considered as cheap. It cannot fully give the 500W and when you push it hard, it might go boom and take the rest of your components.
  9. I can't find that and don't want to spend a lot of money. Would this work?

    EDIT: for this one if I HAVE to spend more money:

  10. If you don't have the money right now, you can consider this But, when you got the money, upgrade to atleast this Cooler Master PSU is considered as cheap, but can be classified high quality in its class.
  11. I guess I'll go for the second one. This build is turning out to be more than I thought but the last thing I want to do it blow all this stuff out and paying an extra $20 to feel safer is worth it for me. Thanks for warning me about the other PSU.
  12. No problem. PSU is a "heart" of a computer, so don't skimp on it.
  13. acerace said:
    No problem. PSU is a "heart" of a computer, so don't skimp on it.

    I have one more question actually, if I put in an extra $50 or so into this build should it go into upgrading


    or should I upgrade my CPU from a Phenom 555 to a Phenom quad (the thing is I plan on unlocking and over-clocking the 555 so it will be like a quad anyway)

    What do you think?
  14. I think, take Phenom Quad. But, if you can squeeze a little bit money, the 5670 is worth the upgrade.
  15. acerace said:
    I think, take Phenom Quad. But, if you can squeeze a little bit money, the 5670 is worth the upgrade.

    Cool, thanks.
  16. Built it this past weekend and... it's awesome. It's just so fast. I'm playing ARMA OA on High settings (although I think I can play on the highest, I haven't tried yet) I can't wait to get some more games. BTW: it is so hard to put together a computer before a finals week and not get to use it that much, just look at it (can't wait for this semester to be over). And if any first time builders ever read this, it's not that hard to put together a computer it took me like 1 1/2 hrs including windows installation and this is my first time I just recommend watching some YouTube tutorials like the NewEgg one here:

    Thanks for the help everyone.
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