Ati mobility radeon HD3400 supporting 3 screens

I am trying to add 2 screens to my laptop. I have one connected through normal monitor output and the other through HDMI output. I can only get one screen to work when both are plugged in. The normal monitor output seems to take priority. Is there something I need to change in software? Does the ATI Radeon HD3400 support 2 extra monitors? Help please Thx
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  1. Nope. Not even the 4 series supports that. You need a 5 series or better.
  2. So do I need to buy an adaptor or new video card??
  3. You can't buy a new card as the one you have is attached to the laptop. You could buy one of those PCMCIA video card/docks or buy a USB2 video card. It will get you three screens, but they will be separate screens. It won't be like Eyefinity.
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