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Lag issue Geforce 9500GT

I have a lag issue that has recently started to happen but only when I game. I know a lot about computers and how to fix almost any issue no matter how serious, but this one I simply can't figure out, but seems likely it's the nvidia 9500 gt possibly causing it.

I am on windows vista. I have a dual core 2.8 ghz AMD athlon XP processor and 3 gigs of ram.

I have had this card for a year and a half and it has always performed perfectly. The issue is choppiness and some moderate to major lag when I run games. This sometimes can happen if there are other applications running that require a great deal of system resources such as a virus scan, but that is not the case here. I will get a little bit of lag but not as bad as this.

I tried everything under the sun to fix this issue.

1.Shut down uneeded processes for startup.
2.checked with various software for reg errors.
3.Ran anti-spyware and anti-malware tests and fixes.
4.Ran virus scans.
5.Updated the video card drivers with fresh install and uninstall of old drivers and settings.
6.Did a disk check at startup.
7.Defragged the hard drive.
8.Defragged the registry.
9.Defragged the games cache.
10.Cleaned the hard disc of all cookies, history, typed URL's, ect.
11.Checked services to verify that there were no unusual applications running, and stopped further unneeded services,
12.Changed the cpu speed to high.
13. Ran diagnostic tests to determin hardware issue, which were all clean.
14. I opened the computer up and cleaned all dust from CPU, power supply, video card and their fans and the inner case. Verified all fans were running correctly.

After all this the computer ran fast as hell. I run the basic tests about once per week like virus and malware and reg error fixes always. Being that this issue only occures during gaming, it seems that it can only be three things. The power supply is having issues, the video card is not working properly, or the CPU is faltering. Have I left anything out besides this stuff? Could be a malware or spyware application or maybe even a virus that is too difficult to flag perhaps. But I'm using the latest version of AVG plus all security checks and after 7 years never had a single problem with AVG not finding virus's. And the definitions are always up to date.

The only thing I have not done so far is use system restore to an earlier date. Holding off because I don't want to undo all the work I have done that has helped the computer run faster unless I have no other choice, because it might not work to do that anyway. Any ideas folks? I gotta say this one has me stumped for once. Thanks so much in advances.

PS- During this lag the CPU shows it is using 38% to 53% of the system memory in task manager during games depending on the game. When checking processes all are at 0 except the usual ones at 1 to 3 percent, except of course for system idle process.
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  1. I should have mentioned that all the games lag the same way no matter which game it is. It does it with L4D1 and 2, Fallout3, Killing Floor, Resident Evil games, even older games such as Counter Strike Condition Zero and the original Half Life. They all lag exactly the same, which is wierd. I still run CRT monitors of my computers because I hate the axis viewing issues with flat planel monitors they still haven't perfected, so I run at 1024x768. I even ran a CRT to my laptop when I still had one. The issue started 4 days ago. Of course I haven't attempted to change the video card settings because they are all set to default positions which ran games as smooth as silk. If I can't figure this out I might just get another card. I can always return the thing if it doesn't help. Thanks for the response. Much appreciated :)
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    you must change your GPU, but if you don't wanna change then follow these steps for reducing lag issues while playing game..

    1-turn off antivirus
    2-run game, while running press alt+tab for switch to windows
    3-right click taskbar and go to task manager
    4-go process tab and find game exe file.
    5-right click game exe file and set priority to "above normal" from "normal" or "below normal"
    6-back to the game and you see smooth gaming. have fun :)
  3. card=fail
  4. yasir- I'm going to give that a try. Haven't thought of that at all. I remember some time ago someone else I know tried somethig like that with his own issues and said it worked. Another thing a friend suggested that I did totally forget to do is run all scans and tests in safemode which disables a lot applications malware and virsus's that can block progress or thwart efforts. And yea the video card is pretty much my guess too. Going to get another one if these other suggestions don't pan out. Thanks for the advice everyone. And nice to meet you all. I'm a new kid on the block :)
  5. Most Welcome dear Natja. I am also new one at this wonderful and helpful site ;)
  6. Ok so the issue has been cleared up. And I wanted to share what I learned so that I might help others in the same or similar situation if they run into a snag and can't figure the problem out. It wasn't the graphics card as we all thought it might be. Nor the cpu or the power supply. It was the chip set drivers for the mother board. I did another diagnostic and got some strange errors and they all seemed to point to this. I decided to DL new drivers and once installed and after reboot the PC started kicking some major ass. Ran more tests after reboot and everything is clean. All games run so smooth it's rediculous. Even Res Evil 5, L4D2 and other demanding games I have. They all run smooth without upping the priority in the task manager. I don't even need to run game booster which is what I had to do before on some games. They run beautifully now. I guess there were some corruptions with those drivers. Anyway I suppose I'll hold off on a new gpu because though the one I have is out of date it seems to handle just about anything I can throw at it. But I have some other ideas to try thanks to you kind people if I ever have an issue like this again !! :)
  7. If you have any issue then share with us, we will help you.
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  9. Thanks for B.A.
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