Upgrading problems xps 730 default motherboard to GB 990FXA UD3

Hi All,
I am finally upgrading my dell xps 730 default mobo, I got a GB 990FXA UD3 AM3+ v 1.1, 8 gigs of ram and an AMD FX 8350. I pulled out the old mobo, installed the new one and attached the power, and nothing, no lights, fans, nothing. I reinstalled the old one and it is working fine.

In hindsight, I realized I did not attach the power on cable to the new mobo (the one that connects to the power button) however, this should not prevent the mobo itself from lighting up once power is actually connected, right? It sounds like a dead mobo to me, thoughts?
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  1. or a grounded motherboard. check for misalingned post underneath the motherboard. if you can, remove the board, and PSU and try it on a non conductive surface to see if it start.
  2. Thanks, yea, I'm pretty sure the posts are fine as those are the ones I use on the other mb. I tried testing it out of the case and no go, went ahead and RMA'd it, thanks.
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