My first build, 800 - 1000

hey guys, dont be too rough on me Ive been interested in computers for a while and I think its time I finally jump in. I dont really have to much background or anything. Ive done some research on here and newegg and some other sites and found what seem to be pretty good parts but just need help putting everything together, making sure everything is compatible and making sure my parts are optimal(and if im missing anything). Any help is greatly appreciated.

-motherboard - ASUS Sabertooth 990FX
-graphics - GTX 560 TI FPB
-psu- corsair 750 w (
-CPU- i5 2500k 3.3ghz
-memory - ripjaws 8gb
-hard drive - 1tb samsung ( comes with a case as well

I have heard good things about most of these products, I am curious as to whether or not I will get better performance if I use 2 graphics cards at a comparable price? If you have any suggestions on what can be upgraded please let me know, also if I am missing anything ( as i am new at this, and im probably missing something ) please let me know.
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  1. Wrong motherboard my friend. That's for AMD processors

    Get this.

    Are you going to overclock?
  2. Okay thanks alot, Also I actually put down the wrong graphics card I am looking at the Radeon 6950 HD dirt 3

    edit : I do not know much about overclocking to be perfectly honest, So the answer to that is probably not, atleast not in the beginning
  3. Ok then. Your parts now are compatible if you get the motherboard I posted.

    What is your case? The 6950 might not be able to fit in there/.

    that is the case that actually comes for free with the hard drive, I also have an old one sitting at home from my old LAN center.
  5. Noooo, Don't get that case it is crap. Have mercy on your parts.

    Get this Elite 210

    or this Haf 912

    Sell the case when you get it.
  6. Get this Seagate Barracuda 500gb for now. It is only $85. Get a new one next year when HD prices are down.
  7. anyone else have any other input on this Im looking to build this computer ASAP and want to make sure everything is optimal and compatible etc...
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