How do tell if my motherboard is defective?


I really have a problem atm building a new PC. I tried to install my computer with bare minimum requirements (CPU, some fans, one ram stick, a PSU) since my computer won't even load when i stalled everything (it just turns on for 1 second and turns off)

However, my PC still won't load with minimum requirements.
PSU is working on another computer
Cpu heatsink (H50) is taken from another computer, and I applied the thermal compound correctly (cleaned, and then applied with line method)
Ram, I'm not sure whether or not they are defective, but I did try to only use one of them, then swap if it doesn't work
All plugs are plugged in correctly (CPU 8pin connected, CPU heatsink Connected, ATX 24pin connected)
All front panel connectors connected should be corrected.

Everytime I try to start it up, fans and LED lights light up for a second and turns off. If I have HDD connected, the HDD light actually comes up.

<b>the reason why i question the mobo is actually because one of the heatsink on the mobo is loose. One of the bolts is half bolted down. also they gave me a screw(standoff) that is actually smooth, which doesn't even make it a screw anymore other than a piece of metal..(I'm not sure if i said that right..or confusing)</b>

I didn't think that would cause a problem at first..but now I think it might since it might make it short circuit...

they also gave me a case with a crack on top....well, that's not a problem at all.
frist time I encounter these problems...defective parts..

CPU: intel 1155 i7 3770
MOBO: MSI Z77A-G45 ATX LGA1155 Z77
RAM: Corsair Vengeance Blue CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9B DD3-1600
Videocard: MSI GTX 660
Case: Zelman Z11 Plus
PSU: OCZ ModXStream-Pro 700W
SSD: Intel 520 Series 120GB
HDD: 2 SATA 1.5TB, 1 SATA3 500GB
DVD-ROM: Samsung Sata DVD Rom
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  1. hello... Take your motherboard out of the case ... and try everything on a box... to determine if your case is the problem.
  2. If it turns on outside your case.Its your case.If it doesnt, its your motherboard.Mostly, the pins on the place where you put your cpu happens to be most problems as it gets bent really easy.
  3. Ok, Thx everyone.

    turned out, the CPU pins were bent..
    I don't know how I mess up that,

    I just spent another 100+ bucks and got a new one..and now it works..(MSI offered to replace it with $45 bucks, but I just denied it since it's gonna take a month to I just said fk's only a day of pay anyway..)

    I'm really not sure whether I bent it..or it came like that (my fault for not checking before I installed the CPU into it)
    but again...when I built my old machine..the pins were on the CPU..not the when they told me "your mobo's cpu pins were bent.." I thought they were on crack lol...

    So, the point of this post: "CHECK THE PINS" & "CHECK PINS IS ON WHAT"..
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