Need Advice to upgrade GF8800GT on my C2D @ 3,2GHz

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to upgrade my old Graphic Card GF8800GT. I have Core2Duo overclocked at 3,2GHz on Abit IP35 Mobo with BeQuiet 550W Power Supply. What would be the fastest Card possible with this Processor. I'm an nVidia fan so a card from this manufacturer would be best for me, but I heard recently some rumors that nVidia chips don't work properly with Dual Core processors. Is that true? if yes, is the difference between AMD and nVidia really big in this case?
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  1. thanks for quick reaction.

    1. Budget is not important. i'm asking for the best card which my CPU can handle.
    2. What is VIA CPU?
    3. What is PSU?
    4. Battlefield 3
    5. 1680x1050
    6. Germany
  2. ^I think what he's saying is that the rumor you heard isn't true, that VIA cpu's (which are not used in desktop computers) are the only ones that that don't work with Nvidia GPUs.

    I recommend a GTX 460 1gb, I have one in my HTPC paired with an e8500 (not overclocked, at 3.2ghz), I play everything at 1080p, usually maxed out, and the CPU isn't a bottleneck.
  3. I've recently got a Asus gtx 550 ti 1gb With a c2duo e8400 3.0 ghz overclocked @ 3.5 ghz and it works great!!
  4. Quote:
    1. ur CPU can handle any GPU, but budget usually determines what you get in the end
    2. VIA is another company besides AMD and Intel that manufactures x86 compatible CPUs
    3. Power Supply Unit
    4. Are you using Google Translate ?
    5. HD6850 gets my recommendation, low power requirements, great for 1680*1050

    My CPU has some years now: it's E4500 2,2GHz overclocked to 3,2GHz so I'm afraid that it can bottleneck the newest chips.

    My PSU is as I wrote before BeQuiet 550W

    Why do you think I'm using google transalte? Is my English so bad?

    Thanks for advice
  5. I vote for a 6850 or gtx 460 1 gb
  6. Battlefield 3 has some pretty hefty recommendations. Afaik, your PSU should be good enough to handle a HD6870 or GTX560ti. There's a jonnyguru review of the 600W model that gave it an 8 for performance.
  7. ok then yeah go for as much gpu as you can, I was under the impression that the game would fairly cpu intensive as well
  8. Thank you everyone for advice. I was also thinking about GTX460 I just thought that my CPU will slow it down or PSU won't handle it. But if you say that it should work fine with my configuration, than I'm happy.
  9. You should be good with a GTX 460 and that CPU at 1680x1050. It depends on the game and the settings as to whether the CPU or the GPU will be the limitation. There will be some games that GPU won't let you max out at that resolution, like Crysis 2 in DX11 mode, but your CPU would also prevent that :D.
  10. Even if GTX 460 isnt bottlenecked, and GTX 560Ti is, GTX 560ti should be faster.
    I made some research and discovered that ur PSU (in fact, all of the 7 bequiet 550w that are 80Plus certified) can handle a GTX 560TI.
    For the sake of higher candy eyes turned on, and considering that higher resolutions + higher AA shifts the 'importance' from CPU to GPU. I would recommend a GTX 560Ti.

    I had one GTX 460 1GB, it was a nice card, but I had some problems to play witcher 2 in 3d vision, so I put another one to SLI. BUT I think that a 560Ti would do the trick too.
  11. ^ you are far better at english then the average malaysian greg
  12. Quote:
    The Core2s are still doing great, at 3.2ghz they are on par with AMD's Phenom II x2s if not faster, though BF3 demangs Quad Core or more , you should do well with a GX 460 on your current system.

    PS: Your english is not bad, you should hear the average malaysian's english.

    i can tell you that i recently upgraded from an OC'd 8800gts640mb to a 6850 and there are many games that dont get much of a performance increase due to a CPU bottleneck. I also have a core 2 @ 3.2ghz and it isnt enough for modern games. Games that only use dual core like crysis1 will run great. Something like COD black ops or crysis 2 will run poorly due to your cpu. Im not saying dont get the card, but dont expect everything to run better than what you have now.
  13. Quote:
    Do u live where I live ? :hello:

    and it's better in english,

    No sorry bud, In the USA.... Las Vegas, Nevada
  14. yep my life is basically like fallout 3!
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