Hey i get this error for no reason

Hey, I got a new HDD bvecause my older one gone slow.

Thing is, im trying to install windows 7 64bit on it, and it just wont work.

Flash Drive is OK, windows iso is ok (installed win7 on annother hdd some weeks ago)

My Hdd is also connected alright. I always get the 0x80300024. I tried every fix i found in the net, removing all other sata devices and so, but till it wont work.

HDD is brand new so its not there , also my ppc has been checked by certified techs, and everything else works perfectly fine.

I don't know what to do. Any fix? Any suggestions?

Also sometiems it says that my HDD hasnt been read by BIOS but when i go on bios, HDD is there, recognised
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  1. bump!
  2. Your new hard drive, mechanical or SSD? Have you tried installing from dvd as opposed to a flash drive? Perhaps you are using and old/outdated/buggy windows installer? Do you have access to a newer copy?

    l might be able to skip a new install all together: you are aware that you can copy your OS, partitons, everything quite easily from your old hard disk to your new one? Many manufatureres (WD, etc) even provide free software for this. I use Acronis True Image home.
  3. Please help me onto this!

    Windows installation is fine, checked it.

    Just this error...my HDD is mechanical, i hate SSD.
  4. I would just migrate my OS to the new drive, rather than waste time chasing down this error. Make sure your new HDD is using latest firmware.
  5. Help me of how to do this please :)

    I'd be grateful.

    Can u give me instructions?
  6. I could tell you in my own words, but found this article to be more thorough:


    Basically we're going to crate an image of your current C drive (OS and programs) and "restore" it to the new drive.

    Good luck!
  7. Thing is...When I connect both of the drivers...the screen won't pass BIOS.

    And for some reason its VERY slow when i have both of them on, but this is the fault of the new driver.

    Maybe i should just take it back...it causes enough probs already..
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