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Hi, I want to hook three monitors to my computer. I got a Gigabyte H55m-UD2H motherboard. I got two GT-430 graphic cards. Power supply that I have is only 500W, you guys think that would be enough to run both of them. I only got one hard drive and one CD ROM. Is there a way to run three monitors without having two graphic cards? Any help would be great. Thank you.
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  1. Hi There

    Give us a full spec of what you have on the pc, as this will also determine what the wattage is required.
  2. You're going to sli them ? Don't know much about the multiple monitor thing so no idea if you have to sli, that's why i ask. If so ; don't know if that's changed yet but i found this ; You will notice that the GeForce GT 430 reference design does not have an SLI bridge connector. That is because SLI is not supported with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 430. NVIDIA Surround gaming is not supported either. During our meeting, NVIDIA’s representatives reported that this video card is not intended to push enough pixels to support the very large surround gaming resolutions, so they opted to leave that feature out of this video card. PhysX still works, and 3D Vision still works, but NV Surround and SLI are not available on the GeForce GT 430.

    Anyway, a good brand psu should be able to handle it. Reccomended for one 430 is a 300W psu, the card uses about 40W, so that ads up to 350-400W.
  3. Thanks for the reply guys.. I'm not going to SLI them... not going to play games. I just want three monitors for extra space. My system is Intel I3 GIgabyte H55m-UDNH motherboard, Western digital 500gb hard drive. One cd rom. 12GB ram. Power supply that I have is 500w Cooler Master. 12v 18a.
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