3960X worth the price premium?

My friend wants to know if he gets a 3960X in his system using an Asus rampage IV X79 LGA 2011 board, will he get much improvement, details below:
CPU: i7 2700k
GPU: 2 way 580 (Hydro coppers)
PSU: AX1200
MB: Asus maximums iv
RAM: 16 gigs of Corsair vengeance
HDD: 2x Seagate barracudas and a Samsung 128 gig SSD (samsung 830)

I told him it's not worth it but he doesn't believe me, he's not a gamer really more into rendering and photoshop/vid editing. By rendering I mean like Maya and stuff like that. I just want to know if it is worth the crazy 1.2k price tag?
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  1. benchmarks will tell you theres an improvement as to real world difference imo not worth the money to render a video a few seconds quicker
  2. You will see some but not much, The better buy is the 3930 which i have and the numbers are still not much better then a sb 2700k..
  3. well the extra 2 cores may help

    but as you say the cost of a socket 2011 cpu and motherboard is ridiculously high

    the setup you listed should already be very fast as i believe rendering can be gpu accelarated as


    so to me unless hes doing it professionally the cost isnt worth the benefit

    though the lower priced 3930 seems to render almost as fast as the 3960x

  4. i7 2700k is a tank, your friend would have to be really hammering shyt down to "see" a difference.

    That or hes being pretentious.
  5. lol intel, raping buyers with overpriced "extreme" processors. after a few years it's gonna be nothing but an overpriced old peice of technology that no one will buy cause of it's resale value.
  6. Luxury cars sell, Jewelry sell, ...

    There will always be people that buy that kind of stuff.
  7. I told him, he is opting for the 3930k. Thanks guys for your help!
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