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Hello, my computer specsa are
PSU: Coolermaster Extreme 500W
CPU: intel core 2 quad 2.40ghz
HDD: 500GB

can any one tell me what graphic card does i have to buy to play the latest games on mid or highest resultion . im mostly playing on 1280x960 resul thank you for help :)
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  1. wat? you will not need a high end card to play at 1280 x 960.

    For that particular system I would go with something like an amd 6850/6870.
    And get a new monitor if it only supports 1280 res
  2. To play modern games and because of your resolution you will need to O.C. that CPU so that you won't bottleneck any card that you use.

    As dhicks19 said I would also suggest going with either a 6850/6870 or a GTX560.

    What is your budget?
  3. You have a relatively low resolution, and your stated requirement is that "mid" is acceptable...considering that your PSU becomes extremely inefficient at over 80% load, you would do quite well with a HD6770 or GTX550ti, either of which should be able to handle high settings at that resolution.
    If you are interesting in upgrading your monitor to a higher resolution, and also have the budget to replace your PSU with a quality model, please post your total budget to get the most useful suggestions.
  4. It's actually only good for 360watts.But still enough for a 6770 or a GTX550ti.Maybe even a 6850.

  5. that psu will run a 6850 no probs
  6. i dont want to upgrae my psu i thionk its good one i just want to upgrade my GPU my budget is about 70 pounds for gpu yes and i will OC my CPu to 3.00 Ghz but i dont know how and i dont know i f i could with my mobo
  7. I think its best to get a new monitor too, cause your current will bottleneck your videocard.
  8. His PSU can actually do 500W: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/Cooler-Master-eXtreme-Power-Plus-500-W-Power-Supply-Review/728/10
    ...but I still wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole. Yeah, it could run a HD6850, but it would be inefficient, meaning it would heat up and get loud and/or shorten the life of its substandard parts. Also, under heavy load it outputs potentially damaging ripple and noise; check the scope shots in the review I linked.
  9. Wow i didnt know that :D and what do you think about HD 6750?
  10. Here's a guide to O.C.ing.


    I forgot that you don't have a aftermarket cooler so you won't get far in your O.C.ing without one.
  11. Yah that will work.
  12. Back to the Graphic Card what kind of Graphic ccard do i have to buy for £70?
  13. For that price the best you could get is a GTS450.You could get a 6770 but it would have to be with a MIR to fit into your budget.
  14. whats a MIR?
  15. And what if i wull buy a 6770 and the PCI E is 2.1 and i have 2.0 it will not bottlenecking?
  16. MIR=Mail in Rebate.

    That brings me to another point.Since your mobo is a little old,which likely means it's a 1.0 slot,I would avoid 2.1 cards.Not because of a bottleneck but because of compatiblity issues.Technically they are backwards compatible but you have to have a BIOS update in order to use a 2.1 card.Trust me just stick with a 2.0 card to avoid any headaches.
  17. An it says that my Mobo has a 2.0 Pci express...
  18. My fault.I guess you will be fine then.
  19. So it means i can use 6770 or GTS 450 without bottlenecking? or if the Card will have PCI E 2.1 will it decrease performance?
  20. Performance should not be affected for that class of card; maybe if you were spending $700...maybe...even then probably not.
  21. At stock speeds of 2.5ghz you will bottleneck them but it should be minimal.
    O.C.ing will only increase the performance and lessen the bottleneck.It should be pretty easy to get to 3ghz or 3.2ghz.Just make sure you read that guide and it will walk you through it step by step.
  22. So 6770 would be the greatest choice?
  23. If you can afford it yes but the prices for the 6770 are out of your pre-set budget limit.
  24. I will talk to my mother about budget :D
  25. This one would however fit into your budget.It's the last gen but with this card it's still practically the same performance.

  26. Will it run BF3 in medium resultion or higher? :D
  27. At your resolution you should be able to play it on high settings but with BF3 your going to need to O.C. really high.BF3 is turning out to be very CPU demanding.

    If it was another game then I wouldn't worry about getting past 3ghz but since it's BF3 your going to need to O.C. very high.
  28. Aha i think i will buy a 6770 and OC it :P
  29. OC your processor not the card.
  30. Aha ok i will OC it Thank you everybody for help and your time :) The best FOrum EVER !
  31. Welcome.

  32. Yes, good luck. Most of all, have fun.
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