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Hi everyone. Today I bought a new PC so the new PC for me and the old one for my sister. The internet worked perfect on the old PC when I installed the internet drivers from motherboard disc, so I connected my internet to my new PC, installed all the drivers from motherboard CD and restarted my computer.
I saw that my internet is not connected. I unpluged the cable and plug it in again but no diffrence.
It tried to obtain the IP adress but it was set to and the computer said it's invalid then I was like WTF is going on.
When I install Windows 7 I don't need internet drivers cuz computer detects the network when I sellect Home network.
I know this problem is often detected in Win XP SP2 but I'm using SP3.
Tried on looking for drivers in old PC then downloaded them , placed the .exe file in the USB flash and then pluged the usb flash in my new PC but still there was no connection.
Several times by clicking "Repair" button I got private adress ( don't remember the number ) but still I couldn't surf the internet also I can't download any games so this sucks.
My computer specs. are listed here:
Intel i3 540 @ 3.07 GHz
2 DDR3 1333MHz RAM
ASUS EAH5670 1 GB GDDR5 PCI-Express x16 graphics card
ASRock H55M-LE motherboard ( supports i3,i5,i7,DDR3 2600+,Intel H55 intergrated video with DVI and VGA output )
400w PSU
Realtek PCI-e GBE Family Controller - This is the network card.

Any 1 can help? I don't want to call the internet guy to fix this for money cuz I already spent a lot for this computer.
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  1. didn't help. I called to the office and they fixed my problem. Thanks anyway
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