Very high ram voltage

Hi all, I'm having a problem with my memory I think.
My motherboard BIOS is showing my ram voltage to be 3v, even though it is set to 1.5v manually. BIOS is the latest version. Any help would be appreciated.

System specs;
Asus sabertooth z77
16GB Samsung green 30nm ram
Xfx 750 modular psu
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  1. I think your RAM would be be instantly toast if it were. I think your alright, but lets get a couple more comments.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I was thinking the same thing, in bios it says max voltage selectable roughly 1.9v so dont see how this is possible.
    But would like more opinions just in case something weird is happening, also would like to see "actual" voltage if this is right readings.
  3. had u try using 3rd party apps like hwmonitor ? are they give same reading?

    If it was true 3v then as m32 said usually the ram will fail right away....
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