New Motherboard install?

I'm looking to upgrade my motherboard from a ASUS P8Z77 V-LX to a MSI Z77A-G45 LGA.

I'm currently using only one hard drive.

I'm wondering how straight forward it will be to replace my ASUS board. Will I be able to boot up and go after installing the MSI without any issues from windows?

Or will I need to uninstall windows 7? How would I even go about doing that? I have the included disks for it. Is it just a matter of re authenticating Windows?

Basically, what all do I need to accomplish when swapping out boards? Youtube videos only show the plug and play aspects, but that's it.

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  1. It is recommended to do a clean install, but you probably will get away with repair and MSI driver install
  2. Thanks again, rolli. How do you do a clean install?
  3. DVD in, startup from DVD drive and select new install with formatting the drive. Backup all your important data first.
  4. So I would do this after installing the new motherboard, right? Thanks again
  5. Yes enter bios on first start and set sata to achi mode and dvd as first boot device.
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