Windows wont open, my first build Help (Solved)

Just compleated my first build and installed windows 7 onto the the hhd so that I could do a firmware update on the 120 gb force gt SSD I have. I then couldn't figure out how to install windows on the SSD so I could formate the HHD. I tried to just unplug the HHD but when I booted up I just got an error message that said to insert the DVD and repair. I then plugged the HHD back in and went back into windows and tried to install via the DVD drive with no success. I then tried to reinstall through windows help and that just reinstalled it to the HHD. But now when I boot up my pc it doesn't open up windows it goes straight to "Windows is attempting to fix the problem" screen and there is no way to open up windows normally.

Also I disconnected the HDD and had the SSD connected, and it goes to a "windows boot manager" and tells me to insert the install disk, reboot, and click repair. when I reboot with the install disk in it takes me to the same screen. I originally installed windows on the HDD with the SSD connected could that be the problem??? Any ideas on a solution?? Thanks
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    First check the Boot priorities in BIOS to make sure that the SSD is the second boot device after the DVD drive. Also, disable the HDD as a boot device. Then do a clean install of windows to the SSD. You may also need to partition the SSD during the Windows install.
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  3. Thank you, I had the HDD as the primary boot device. I used your advise and it worked. currently installing windows. Thank you again
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