Starting my first upgrade, Will this fit?

Hello! Long time reader, First time poster! I need some help addressing an issue I just cannot find the answer of!

Will this PSU (OcUK Swift 750W V2 Silent Power Supply) :

Fit a CiT Mars Midi Tower Part-Mesh Gaming Case? If It can't fit could you please a 650-750 Watt alternative.

If you could also give any tips on how to install a new PSU Would be greatly appreciated, thank you
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  1. Bump! Sorry to do that!
  2. It looks to be a standard sized PSU and standard size case so the fitting should be fine. Only extra large PSU's tend to cause problems

    As for fitting its a top PSU case so you simply sit it on the thin metal back rail inside the case and affix the 4 supplied screws through the back of the case into the PSU. Extremely easy
  3. what hardware do you plan to run off it?
  4. I plan to put in a GTX 560 Ti, And in time upgrade that 580, My current processors and other parts can run fine how it is. Oh and maybe an extra fan
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