My first build.gaming for around $1100

Hey everybody, I am new to building custom pc's. I am in the process of building a gaming PC/one that can handle CAD software. I have compiled this list of parts and would like some suggestions/recommendations. Any help that people could offer to me would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping to capitalize on some sweet black friday deals.
At first i do not plan on overclocking at all. I may in the future, but I'd want to invest in a 3rd party heat sink and I'm not prepared for that step. So at this point there is no OC, but in the future there may be.

Case- Cooler Master HAF 922.

CPU. Intel i7-2600k

GPU-Radeon 6950. (i am open to suggestions as to the particular type, but the HIS seems pretty solid to me.

HDD-Seagate 1.5TB at 5900RPM (if someone can make a valid argument for getting 7200RPM I am open to it)

RAM- G.skill ripjaws 2x4GB. I am planning on starting off with just 8gb of ram, but I'd like to leave 2 slots open in case i want to expand in the future.

Disk drive-some simple DVD burner/reader combo. not sure what, but not too worried about it.

Motherboard. this is where i am having the most trouble. These are the two i am looking at. This first one is a gigabyte board.
the second is a MIS board.
I am definitely open to any and all suggestions on this matter. I'd like to keep the cost reasonable however.

Power supply-

So yeah, comments, complaints, and what have you. Thanks everyone
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  1. i would say drop down to i5 2500k and get a much better mobo like asrock z68 extreme gen3
    now you have 80$ left, give them to your gpu and get a gtx 570

    much bettter hdd
  2. Why the 2500 as opposed to the 2600? I figured between the improvement in speed along with hyper threading, it would be worth the extra money.
    And why that hard drive. I was under the impression that getting a 6gb/s would be much better that the 3gb/s.
  3. nope, samsung spinpoint would be more releable and faster than that you listed.
    it is also a 7200 rps so you have better performance for same price.

    as for 2500k, its sufficient even for heave workloads, you can overclock it way up to 4.5 ghz with a decent cm hyper 212+ cooler.

    it will give you more headroom for the gpu, gtx 570 would be a much better choice imo
  4. Okay, i had kinda ruled out the 2500k, but I think it is actually more what i'm looking for, so thank you for saving me $100. However, I do not think I am ready to spring for the 570, as I dont know If i can justify it over the 6950.
  5. The 6950 will work fine but will be bottleneck to the i5 or i7 processor you are choosing. No prob to use 6950 for awhile and then upgrade gpu later.
    I got the 2500k for my build from amazon acouple of weeks ago and I love it . I am overclocked to 4.3 gigs with a coolermaster v8 a\m cooler and my temps idle around 20c.
    For your mobo I suggest the Asus maximus IV Gene-z for sale at either Newegg or Amazon for around $169.00
    I have never been so pleased with a mobo in my life. It is a smaller atx board but still has 2 pci e slots @2.0 and features the z68 chip which offers use of the processors video through virtue logic software that gives your gpu a break between gaming.
    The Board features smart drive tech so you could maybe spend $100 or so on a small ssd to put your o.s. on and use the rest of the drive as a cache, This would make every thing load quicker even from your hdd.
    It also has SupremeFX x-Fi 2 sound that is very high quality and the R.O.G theme makes a beautiful red eufi bios The board comes with a software suite for overclocking that is as simple as touching a couple of buttons and it comes with a years sub. to kapersky anti virus for free unlike most mobos you can use either sli or crossfire giving you a choice for graphics. I love it. The board has to many features for me to list you should just look it up.
  6. Here is my current 2500K gaming build: Rick's Wishlist :sol:
  7. dx rick, thumbs up to you man, great rig, all parts are high quality.
  8. chiropractor345 said:
    Okay, i had kinda ruled out the 2500k, but I think it is actually more what i'm looking for, so thank you for saving me $100. However, I do not think I am ready to spring for the 570, as I dont know If i can justify it over the 6950.

    i would say, if you want to go with 6950, just go with it, no doubt its a great card, if you can unlock shaders of this 6950 and you will get a 6970 for no cost
  9. Thanks everybody for the help, i just have a few more quick questions.
    Graphics card. vs. How much of a difference will i notice between the two. there is a $30 price difference, and only small differences in effective memory clock and core clock speeds.
    PSU- I have decided between either the cosair enthusiast 650W and the 750W. I am not exactly sure how much power I will need.
    MOBO- Which is better. or They seem very similar, and If anyone has a reason to pick one over the other i'd appreciate it.
  10. Very nice build!
  11. damn sexy rig, should go with it, also, the 6950 i listed can unlock, must have a look at it
  12. sorry to double posting but you should go for the asrock gen3, xfire and sli support with pcie 3.0!
    its a better deal imo
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