Looking for input...Corsair 300R vs Antec One

hello all!

i narrowed my case selection to these two budget oriented cases. they are priced similar, visually like them both but leaning towards the antec by a few points.

Corsair Carbide Series 300R Black Steel / Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

Antec Gaming Series One Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

there is alot of coverage and reviews for the corsair 300r but not so much for the antec one. i like actually looking at videos to get a better look than reading about it.

if any one already has either of these cases and/or want to share some thoughts would be appreciated.


btw: only one video card w/ aftermarket hsf
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    The Corsair is a must have. It looks great and fit the bigest video cards on the planet.
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  3. yup. went and pulled the trigger on the corsair 300r. mainly because of the mail in rebate @ new egg :D

    ample room for the gnu too. i couldn't find info about hsf clearance though, guess i will have to find out
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