Gaming build, Seeking advice.

Hey, How's this build?
Requirement: High FPS Gaming and an overall smooth performance.
Will it work?
I'm using a wall mount because I lack room in my apartment.
Will the Cooling system be enough with two Gtx 570?
Any additions somebody wants to suggest?
What about an MSATA SSD?
Is it a waste of money to get a better Processor?
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  1. As long as your not doing serious overclocking that cooling should be good enough. For gaming that CPU is more than enough. As for the SSD if you can afford it go for it.
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    The Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold series is ok from a build quality, voltage regulation, fan noise and functionality perspective. Its major downside is that ripple and noise suppression isn't very good. At full load it will just about be in spec on the 12V and 5V rails. For that reason I would not want to buy it, if you also object to such high ripple on full load then you should change your chosen PSU.

    I would have thought you'd been told by now that 750W is ample for a system with two GTX 570s, but if you really want a 1000W unit then these are some that I would recommend instead of the Silent Pro Gold:
    Cougar GX-1050 80Plus Gold Modular $170

    Rosewill Lightning 1000W 80Plus Gold Modular $180

    Silverstone Strider Gold 1000W 80Plus Gold Modular $195

    Enermax Revolution85+ 1020W 80Plus Silver Modular $205 ($6 shipping)

    NZXT Hale90 1000W 80Plus Gold Modular $210 ($6 shipping)
    If it is anything like the more junior members of the series then this will be very quiet as well.

    Corsair HX1050 80Plus Silver Modular $220 ($20 rebate, $6 shipping)

    Yes the cooling system should be enough for the two graphics cards.
    Seeing as mSATA SSDs are optimised more for laptops, I wouldn't think they'd be a good choice for a desktop system unless you were planning on transferring the drive to a laptop at some point in the future.
    Yes I think it would be a waste of money to get a more expensive processor.
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