WOL after power failure

I don't know if it is a mobo or a network issue so i link the thread here too


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  1. What NIC are you using?

    some network card support WOL and have a 3 Pin connector that you connect to your motherboard.
  2. and so? the connector could return the power to be ready after the power failure?

    now the nic is working without that connector...

    anyway the nic is this

    Network Adapter 1
    Model NIC Fast Ethernet PCI Realtek RTL8139 Family
    Description NIC Fast Ethernet PCI Realtek RTL8139 Family -
    Status Connected
    MAC Address ----
    Manufacturer D-LINK
    Type WIRED
    Speed 100 Mbps


    Ethernet D-Link Inc DFE-528TX/530TX+/538TX Fast Ethernet Adapter (DL 10038C Chipset) D-Link Inc DFE-538TX Fast Ethernet Adapter
  3. i need to understand if this could get the nic back ready to " listen"

  4. i would connect the cable between the NIC and MOBO.

    also Enable the AC PWR Loss Restart.

    then get it where it is WOL ready.

    to test it, pull the power plug, wait a few seconds and plug it back in.
    check WOL will work
  5. i set AC PWR Loss Restart as Previous State.. and i connected the connector

    now... if the pc is on and there's a power failure the problem is solved because it restart by itselves..

    but if the pc is off but with the nic "ready" and there's a power failure, when the power comes back the nic get back to be ready?
  6. there's a problem.. i set to previous state.. and if i shut down the pc it restart by itselves...
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