How to pair wireless and wired networks?

How to pair wireless and wired networks?

Thank you to all Samaritans;

Please see the diagram for the current network setup.

I have a wireless network setup which connects two laptops wirelessly and three PCs via cables.
I had to connect one PC and a printer to a wired router to share ONE connection to the main router located in the other part of the house.
The network set up made with help of "Network Magic".

EVERYTHING WORKS!, but Networks do not see/reflect each other in either "Network Magic" or Windows Network Setups, and of course, only one PC prints to the printer installed.

How can I set up the wireless network to see my other PC and the Printer so the rest of my PCs and Laptops could print to the printer and share their files?

Windows 7, 64 bit, on all PCs.
Wireless Netgear N400 router
D-Link wired Router.

Must I replace D-Link with another wireless Netgear?..
..and if I do, what would be the setup instructions?

Thank you all,

Igor K>
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    Connect the router's LAN to LAN (don't use the WAN port of the D-Link). Also, disable the DHCP server on the D-Link and assign it an IP address in the same subnet as the Netgear (e.g., if the Netgear uses, perhaps give the D-Link
  2. Thank you.
    I will try this as soon as I get home.
  3. eibgrad,

    I am back to express my gratitude for your help in my case.
    It took me two days and about 20 hours in front of my PC to complete the task,
    but my Home-network is running and I can print to my Canon MP970 from any PC in the house.

    If someone else needs help in similar project, I used info found on this two websites:

    The steps were not matching exactly, as the hardware and windows versions were different,
    but I was able to find my way out.

    Good luck.


    Igor K>
  4. nvfriendly said:

    I am back to express my gratitude for your help in my case.

    Another way of thanking eibgrad is to award him the Best Answer.

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