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Hey all-

Been planning a new build and I need a 500gb> HDD paired with my Kingston 120gb SSD for a new build.
Here are the planned specs:

CPU- Core i5 2500k 199$

Motherboard- Asus Maximus Gene-Z Z68 169$

GPU- EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 499$

RAM- G.Skill Ripjaws X Series Model # F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL 29$

CD Drive- ASUS DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS 19$

PSU- SeaSonic X750 Gold 109$

Case- Antec 900 Black Steel ATX Mid Tower $89


(That list came straight from a document so disregard the pricing)

Any thoughts? I'd prefer Western Digital because I've heard they are VERY reliable and the best HDD company out there. Pricing isn't too much a problem but 100$ or less is a nice price range for me.

Many thanks!
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  1. I have been using Samsung HD for many years and have found them reliable, quiet and tops in performance.
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