What settings will I be able to have playing Battlefield 3

Hi just curious what i will be able to play on battlefield 3
from what I heard and I also want to confirmy you need probably 2 gtx 580's/6970s to run it on utlra?

if recomended settings is a 5850 than what can I get?

Saphire 5850 Toxic 1 gb
Asus p8p67 pro
2tb hdd + 64 gb ssd
8gb 1333 corsair dominator

Should I OC the card?
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  1. if your monitor resolution is 1920x1080 you will be playing it on medium settings
    if you overclock you will get an extra 5 fps, that will allow you to set one slot to high or AAx2

    Nvidia website Geforce.com says that to run the game on highest settings you will have to get GTX 560 SLI
    or HD 6950 crossfire at least .. but you should be good with gtx 580 SLI ;)
  2. LOL! wow Over kill much

    alright well than crossfire 6950 will be better than a gtx 570 or no?

    I have a 1920x1080 24 inch acer monitor so im totaly fine their

    If I OC will it match the crossfire or not even close haha
  3. Not to be snide, but there's a LOT of money potentially involved here. If you're mostly interested in gameplay, I suspect you will be fine. If you are more interested in graphics, then I would recommend a good IMAX presentation, or possibly a road trip to an area near you soon to be awash in the rich colors of an Autumn forest.
    Seriously, wait for benchmarks. Both nVidia and AMD have released new beta drivers just for this game, and I expect more driver tweaks are coming.
    Depending on your PSU, and your total budget, a single HD6970 or GTX570 would likely provide a solid improvement without breaking the bank too badly.
  4. Right but I want to verify that if I buy a gtx570 i can bring it up a notch from Standard to the next setting. Atleast utlra.
  5. Go play the Open Beta and find out.
  6. I don't own a570 and want to know if it is worth it to buy it thats why i asked
  7. my advice is to hold your 5850 for now .. until the gtx 6xx series comes up !!
    although gtx 570 is a good upgrade over the 5850 .. you will get like extra 10 fps

  8. Here are the (erratic) results that HardOCP got: http://www.hardocp.com/article/2011/10/03/battlefield_3_open_beta_performance_image_quality
    Even Medium settings look pretty darn good.
  9. I have not used a reference GTX570, but in Beta, I am running an EVGA GTX570 Superclocked with everything maxed out as much as possible with no issues. Granted ultra isn't unlocked to test that out, but the 570 holds its own in beta at least.
  10. just rumors if crisis 1 can run at 60FPS on 5970 and it had a filtiring errors the BF3 should run at ultra on 5870 with atleaset 40 FPS you sould be fine we should wait and see
  11. What would be the main difference on a 6970 2gb and a gtx 570 for the same price?

    Currently I have a good deal for a 6970 new for 300 flat possibly lower
  12. Wait until the full game comes out before u buy a GPU. Buy the game, test it out, see if you're happy with your performance. I defs recommend getting another 5850 in CF,if you can find one. If not, go with 6950 2gb and flash to 6970(must be reference design to do so).
    Use http://www.hwcompare.com/category/gpu-comparisons/ to compare GPU's.
  13. See the thing is I haev a 5850 toxic 1gb finding a CF for it is like sooo expensive. I rather sell that. NCIX and I are working something out since they messed up my order on a gtx 570 as they couldn't reply idk..... Long story

    If i could get the 6970 for <300 should I go for it?
  14. You don't need another HD 5850 Toxic, you just need any other HD 5850 1GB card, even a HD 5870 would work.
  15. I can't really crossfire nor do i raelly want to replace a card when it dies. Im just sticking with one card I got a MSI gtx570 for 250$ probably what I will stick with
  16. a single GTX 570 or HD 6970 will max out BF3 in Ultra.
    i played the Beta i was hitting 35 FPS in Caspain Border and 50 FPS in Metro Operation with my HD 6950
    and according to Beta Benchs a GTX 570 or HD 6970 should get you over 50 FPS
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