Realtek Audio not working?

Hey guys! I've been looking all over the place for an answer and no one seems to have the correct solution....
I updated my OS from Windows 7 32-bit to Windows 7 64-bit and now the audio won't work.

I tried installing new drivers that are 64-bit, used the motherboard disc for the driver, and it still won't work!

If anyone can help me, i'd be grateful! Thanks
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  1. updated, you mean a clean fresh install?

    what's the rest of the hardware in the case?
  2. yeah, clean fresh install.

    my computer is built,

    intel i7-2700k 3.4ghz
    nvidia gtx 480
    motherboard is z68xp-ud4
    16gbs of ram

    sorry if i didnt give enough information, sort of a noob at this
  3. did you look in the device manager to see if anything needed updating?

    did you open the control panel/sound and make sure a device is selected?

    when you installed the nvidia drivers, it didn't also install it's HD HDMI sound driver and it's causing conflicts with the onboard sound?
  4. yup, i checked everything, a device is selected, everything is updated and i uninstalled the nvidia sound driver.... <--- would that be a problem?
  5. yes, sometimes those "extra" drivers do conflict.

    if you're not too far into the reformat try doing it again. then use the mobo disc and reinstall the sound driver/LAN driver. then go to windows update.
  6. so what your saying is you want me to reformat my computer again then reinstall the sound/lan driver and use windows update?
  7. i think that's what I said?
  8. do you have like msn or something so we can talk easier?
  9. no
  10. it didn't work :/
  11. what are you using for audio? do you have access to a sound card? it worked before upgrading? it is enabled in the BIOS? no other sound drivers installed? did you try pulling the front audio wires from the motherboard?

    does your monitor have speakers and do you have, and does it have an HDMI connection/cable?
  12. Oh!!! I fixed the sound! The problem was I needed to plug it in the headphone jack....

    Thanks for trying to help :)
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    as the sounds of the slow gurgles of death emanate from my room............
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  15. .......... LOL ........... LOL
  16. ty :D
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