128MB AGP nvida geforce 5200

What can I replace the 128MB nvida geforce 5200 to give me better performance?
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  1. What mobo set up do you have? Cpu, mem, etc.
  2. Thanks for the info.
  3. What slcmike said is not an answer, it is a question, please answer it.
  4. Either of these would be a huge upgrade: (better)

    The "better" one is only $5 more...I'd go with that.
  5. ^GEForce 5200 also comes in pci version so we need to make sure of that before making a recommendation. But of course if it is a pci card then I would recommend the only choice which is the pci HIS 5450.
  6. I have a APG - thanks
  7. Ok. What are you planning to do with the computer, what are your other specification (cpu, ram, psu)?
  8. Nothing else at this time, just want to resolve the error messages and the shut down of the computer when it states the video card is "stuck" in a continuous cycle, or a "stop error". Replaced the video/graphic card with the a new one, but the same type, etc. Haven't had the problem since. I would still like to replace it with a higher performance card. Thank for your time.
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    Eh, I had a Geforce 5200 AGP card many moons ago and had nothing but issues - either of those Radeon 4k series AGP cards would be a great choice.
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  11. Thank you.
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