Will a 600VA UPS be run a 750 or 600W psu cpu

I have a 550W low quality PSU now (Huntkey Green power 550W psu) and i think its causing low FPS in games .

Read: - 1 month ago I got my HD5770 replaced because I was getting very low fps and it finally stopped working and there was no display output. So I got it replaced as I had warrantly. But now I am having similar fps drops, so I think its my PSU thats causing all the problems and it damaged my original 5770. So I am going to replace it before it does the same damage to my current 5770. I am thinking of 750W Seasonic SS 750JS. But some tell me 750w is an overkill for my system (corei5-750, 4gb, 5770, 1tb)

My questions are: (1) Is there anyway to confirm it that its the psu thats causing the problems (though I am 90% sure of it myself and buy a new one anyway)..
(2) I wud like to know will there be any problem if use at high wattage PSU like the one above for a low power requiring system like mine ? If there will be problems please tell me the nature of the problem. I will choose a 600W psu then.
(3) also currently I am having a ICE 600VA UPS.. Will it run a 750W psu, my wireless modem and monitor ??? I dont care about if the back-up time... I just want to know whether I can run it using the 600VA UPS or not.

Thanks for ur support.
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  1. A quality 400W PSU would be enough, but I'd get a 500W just in case you ever decide to use a more powerful GPU. Unless your PSU really can't provide enough power to the HD 5770, it can't be the cause of low FPS. If your UPS is fine now, then it will work fine with a new PSU as it will probably draw even less power if you buy a more efficient unit.
  2. 1.Yes... your psu can't provide power that your gpu need. so your graphics card have to work in full load with underpowered condition.
    also, low quality psu have horrible rail and damage your graphics card.

    2. you can use 1.5kw psu for 100 watt PIII system. there sould be no problem.
    Go for high output psu for the future investment. so, if you want to upgrade in the future, you have no worry about power supply issue.

    3.600va ups on 750w power supply..?
    600va ups actualy can only deliver 390watt (power factor 0.6 = common ups) up to 480 watt(power factor 0.8= good ups)
    750 watt psu actualy pull 937.watt from the wall (bronze) for the maximum load.

    since the power supply need more than ups can provide, it will not working.

    psu inrush current will damage your ups..
  3. The PSU will use only as much power as needed by the system; if it draws 350W at peak, then it will require 350W/efficiency*100. In other words, using a more efficient PSU can decrease power requirements, no matter what the PSU ratings are.
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