Mobo compatible with CPU P4 2.5 GHs Socket 478

I am not a technical person and new to this field and this web. Also very late to this profession in my life but very enthusistic. I have got two CPUs Socket 478 P4 2.5 GHz and one P4P8MM VM Mobo ATX form. When I check breadboard removing all drive connections including RAM, connecting only 20 + 4 pins, the mobo led is on, both cpu and psu fans are on, even changed psu with new one, no beep, speaker is connected. Cleaned heatsink and cpu and applied new grease nut no beep at all. I also tried the steps u guys given in this site but to fail. My question is how can i know the mobo is faulty or not. Can i repair/change any component of mobo or not. Which type mobo compatible with the said CPUs can i buy, just for learning purpose. Anticipating advises for learning.
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  1. You said you connected only the 20+4 pins...what about P4 connector near CPU?
  2. Thank u very much 4 ur valuable response & sorry for being late. I couldnt get u abt p4 connector. I u meant cpu fan connector or 12 v connector (yellow&back), all r fine. Later I saw some of the pins of processor are bent so tried another but no result. Tried both processors on another board, found working. Now my real quesions are, How wud i know the part failed on the mobo? whether its replacable or repirable? My debug POST card shows 'no-C' signal. what it means? Manual says any one of the Chipsets has to be repaired, the other one will automatically be repaired. One of my friends told that till the southbridge, it is repairable that also in machine. Is it replaceable or reparable by human or machine? My question is not abt this particular board but in general. Hope for expert advice.
  3. I'm sorry but I'm having a hard time following exactly what you're saying and what your question is. You say you had bent pins on the processor but both worked fine on another board but not yours? If you know the CPU's work on another board then they're not the problem. I don't know what "no-C" means.
  4. Hi friend, my real question is which part of mobo could be the culprit as the processor is working on another board even with bent pins. All connections are ok, fans r spinning, no video, no beep, green led is on. Tried clearing jumpers but no result. Is there anything which explain step by step power travelling on the board? Does the socket become faulty resulting the cpu failure on the particular board? In turn, does the cpu failure can cause for no beep, no boot, no video but led on, fans are spinning?
  5. I've never heard of a CPU with bent pins working anywhere, so that's new to me.
    Possibly the CPU socket on the problem board could be damaged or otherwise not working. Why not just get the board that you got the CPU to work on? Did that system boot?
  6. Lets call the faulty Mobo as Board No.1. The CPU is still working fine on another board (Board No.2), pl. dont laugh, even with bent pins and whole system is working fine with XP SP3. The CPU fits into this board's (No.2) socket by putting it with just a tilt. Well, now the doubt u have proves mine as well that the cpu socket may be faulty as the CPU is also not getting hot on Board No.1's slot. I tried it by switching on for 5-6 seconds without fan. Now please tell me does the CPU slot alone become faulty and what could be the reason? Now the board No.1 is useless. If it was a costly board, could it be possible to replace the slot alone? And if it was a graphics card problem (in this case, it is an integrated one), was the same problem i.e. CPU / CPU slot not working, arisen? With ur advise, lets end it. thank u.
  7. There are definitely boards out there with faulty CPU slots, but the board would have to be sent out to have the slot replaced and I'm betting the cost would be close enough to just getting a new one. Furthermore, while a slot could be faulty, you can't correctly troubleshoot it unless you're using a CPU with no known issues.

    If you have board number 2 that it works on, what's the problem?
    If you can't firmly secure the CPU in the slot, I would recommend not running the system because you could fry the CPU/board or both.

    Do you know anyone who can safely straighten the CPU pins?
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