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Compatability ?

I'm looking to upgrade my wife's comp and my own. This is the processor we're interested in. and this is our MB's. I'm not real tech savy. but trying to learn more. We're on a budget it being 2 comps instead of just one.
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    Sorry but I can tell just from the mobo picture, well and the model. All of the M4s from Asus were AM3 mobos, not AM3+. The FX series will only work on AM3+, while Phenom II/Athlon II will work on AM2+/AM3/AM3+.

    The best way to tell if your mobo can support a FX, besides the CPU chart from Asus, is the color of the socket. If its white, it wont. If its black it will.

    Looks like the best CPU you can get your wife is a Phenom II X6 1100T, and honestly thats a better performer than the FX 6 core anyways.

    Same price and overall it will perform better. Remember the FX series are not full cores. They have modules which act as about 90% of a full core overall. So the 6 core is more like a Phenom II X4 in performance than it is a Phenom II X6.
  2. Thanks a ton. I'm thinking about getting on getting this one? Do you think it will that much faster? I can wait for it to be in stock.
  3. Amd discountined their phenom II processors. Meaning you can't get the 1090T from newegg, but probably ebay or craigslist.
  4. amuffin said:
    Amd discountined their phenom II processors. Meaning you can't get the 1090T from newegg, but probably ebay or craigslist.

    No offense I hope you're wrong. I just spoke to fry's and their expecting a shipment. Every other vendor I've checked says theyre on back order. Even new egg has it on auto notify. I hope they have some left and are just bogged down shipping everything out.
  5. My bad, only the phenom X4's, not the X6.
  6. Yeah baby! After "panning for gold" believe me it was like that. I scoured the world of google's reputable vendors and 3 days later Scored an AM3 1100t from vendor in CA. There last one for 298.00 delivered. Shipped yesterday. Compared to what the gouging asshat's on ebay are screwing people for a beat up pos 1100t. I'm very pleased. Side note I looked over the info that amd had for am3's on their compatability page before making this post. It didnt look like they updated it that often. they dont even post on their own forum's. but they do elsewhere? How efffed up is that? So I was hoping for an answer from the community here. And not only that get a real review at the same time. Thanks a ton guys!
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