Can't delete (or edit) my own posts

A while ago, I posted a motherboard question, and put it
in the relevant manufacturers sub-topic.

I've just noticed the "General Motherboard" category,
which I thought was much more appropriate.

I noticed there was an "edit posting" button, which included
a "delete entire thread" option, though it didn't include
an option to change the sub-topic.

So I though I'd re-post my message to the right sub-topic,
and then delete the original.

BUT when I came to actually delete the original post, the
system won't let me: it says I am not allowed to edit
the message, even though it is my own!

So now I've ended up posting the same question twice, and
can't clean up.

Is there a way for me to edit or delete my own posting?

Why does the site offer me a "delete thread" button if it
doesn't work?

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  1. I've removed the duplicate thread for you.
  2. aford10 said:
    I've removed the duplicate thread for you.


    Double posting my first message seemed so very ill-mannered!

  3. It happens on occasion. If it happens, you can use the 'report' link at the top of the post, to notify the moderators.
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