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i want to upgrade my pc only for gaming,by budget is not so high less than 400$,i will use my old cabinet of lenovo 3000 h series(dont know its form factor),and 80 gb hdd(will upgrade in future).i just need to buy cpu,motherboard,graphics card,and ram,psu. for cpu i have decided AMD 3.3 GHz AM3 FX6100 Processor and his amd readon 6850 or 7750. hd

plz tell me how to choose a motherboard ,wht is chipset will motherboard effect gaming experience , i have decided

the above one is very simple and is fit in my budget

what is the major differences between them...will both have same gaming experience
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  1. I believe jacksfrag on youtube built a nice gaming pc for about your asked $400 range.
    Your motherboard has to have the same chipset as your cpu.Like for example, a i7-3770k has a z77 chipset, therefore the mother board has to support z77.Chipsets are the little pins of your cpu, its like a poweroutlet, a 3 pin wouldnt go in a 2 holed outlet.Your graphic card mainly determines your outcome, though a bad cpu could "bottleneck" or hold it back from the graphic card's full power.
  2. Check if two motherboards have the same chipset, if they do and are different prices.One probably has more slots etc.
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