Need advice on first gaming build (Don't know anything)

Hello, I've notice majority of the people here in tom's hardware has far more knowledge in computer parts than I personally do, I'm steaming trying to figure out what parts are good and what parts are worth buying since I'm running on a BUDGET, I'm trying to find parts and build a PC with around 600 dollars budget, I'm willing to go up too 700$ if I really need too but I'm trying to build a PC that is capable of running DOTA 2 on good video/graphic settings and smoothly, as of right now, my sony vaoi VPFC laptop with 430M 512mb graphic is terrible and it's not running dota 2 smoothly at all. Can anyone suggest me all the parts or sample of they're ideal computer that is capable of running DOTA 2 on smooth and nice graphic settings? Much appreciated. Budget is 500-700$ CAD
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