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i want to upgrade my pc only for gaming,by budget is not so high less than 400$,i will use my old cabinet of lenovo 3000 h series(dont know its form factor),and 80 gb hdd(will upgrade in future).i just need to buy cpu,motherboard,graphics card,and ram,psu. for cpu i have decided AMD 3.3 GHz AM3 FX6100 Processor and his amd readon 6850 or 7750. hd

plz suggest which ram to buy with this 4 gb or 8 gb ,is it good to buy 1x8 or 2x4
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  1. 4x2 I believe.
  2. The two 4GB sticks.

    This is so you can take advantage of dual channel memory, instead of single channel with one stick.
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