New build will not start at all.

Hi i have just built my new rig that come the other day all was fine no signs of any damage or anything. I have build other rigs before but this one has just got me now.

I have put everything in the rig and connected it to the power supply but i have no response from it at all apart from the green light on the motherboard no beeps or flashing light.

I have tried to fix this my putting the psu in another rig worked fine and putting the psu from my other computer in the new one and has the same problem i have changed power leads and nothing.

I have also looked in the front panel button and tried that in another comp and it worked and i put my old one in the new rig and still nothing.

anything to help this would be grate because i am at my end now had 2 days on this and as much as i hate it i need help now so please anything would be good.



Sabertooth P67 B3 motherboard asus
Corsair TX750 PSU
4 GB ram
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  1. i have allready looked at this and it did not help, this has led me to post this . :)
  2. Is a speaker connected to the system speaker terminals?

    Have you tried to breadboard?
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