Dumb question, but.

Why does my monitor keep going to sleep after 20 minutes of inactivity? I've checked the power settings in the control panel and Catalyst control center and it's pretty annoying whenever I'm watching netflix/movies, as both the monitor and the TV hooked up to it through hdmi will go dark.
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  1. What is the brand and type of monitor you own.? I know on my AOC LED monitor there is a menu/ setup on the monitor itself and some have a setting for the monitor to turn off after so many min. Usually called sleep timer or sleep mode. I played around with mine and my monitor would shut off in the middle of a gaming session.
  2. Asus VE228H, I can't seem to find anything in the monitor settings really. OSD timeout? I'm not quite sure.
  3. you would think if it were monitor settings that it would not effect the television also, which seems like the only thing that makes sense would be either the graphics card or maybe hibernate/sleep setting on the computer in general, which you said you already checked. if you have any sort of power saver settings on just maybe try setting all the options to never as a test run and see how long it lasts that is just conjecture on my part although.
  4. also what graphics are you running? catalyst implies amd, what series and manufacturer?
  5. from the monitor Menu there is item called extras, after I go into that there is a list of different options and the bottom one for me said "off timer"

    Also in win 7 when you go to the power options menu look to the left panel where it saids "choose when to turn off display" also right under it is the "change when the computer sleeps" maybe one of those two could help you out. you could check the power settings for balanced, high performance to see if some how the profile you are using was set, and might have been changed. All I can think of at the top of my head.
  6. Yeah MiniDistortionz has the right idea - what you are looking for is simply Windows-related. Go to the control panel and under power settings use the advanced view and play around in there.

    Mine automatically sleeps during movies because I forget to change the power settings, but if you just create a "movie no-sleep" profile in the power settings it will keep that from happening and then you can easily switch back to a more power-saving conventional profile when you're not viewing extended media. I need to get around to doing that.
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