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Quick question folks....

I am looking for a video card that can output a YPbPr format for a Component IN on an older HDTV. Is this possible?

Back story.

I have a HTPC that is running fine and all that with HDMI out. It has an older HD4350 card with DVI-I, HDMI, and VGA. Its nothing flashy but it gets the job done for an HTPC.

However, the TV that it was running just crapped out. It was a Zenith DLP running over HDMI. I plan on getting a new TV with HDMI, but not until the holidays. So, for the meantime, I am running an older Toshiba 43H71 with Colorstream HD. Colorstream HD is component HD. The TV is supposed to be capable of 480i and 1080i. HD-Ready so to speak.

So, I am looking for some way to hook up my HTPC through the component slots on my old HDTV. Nothing fancy, whatever is cheapest really.
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  1. My old EVGA 7800GT had composite and S-Video. Don't know if you can find a used one dirt cheap on e-bay or somewhere.

    Also, Newegg carries a handful of video cards that have composite out -

    EDIT: I've also heard that you can convert from DVI-I to component with just a cable. That might be another cheap alternative.
    EDIT2: every time I said composite, I meant to type component :-P
  2. vogt,
    Sounds like a search through the website is in your immediate future. You'll need a cable to convert your "out" from the video card into this format. Can't ever remember seeing a video card for a PC with this format of video out.
  3. Alright did some digging for you...

    First of component output is a dead end technology, it's of the old analog signal.

    But apparently, I read somewhere that this worked:

    This is a DVI to COmponent output dongle.

    "This DVI->Component dongle will work. Even though monprice says otherwise, I have it working with my HD3650."

    At the cost of 6 bucks, I dont think you could go wrong (even if it doesn't work).
  4. Thanks for the research guys. I have spent about 5 hours on it in the last day or so. Its driving me nuts.

    As per a single cable, I am not too sure.
    From what I have read, DVI-I includes digital and analog signals. However, the analog signal is RGB which I have read is not interchangeable with YPbPr without an active conversion. My old HDTV has what they call "Colorstream" which is an old piece of Jargon by Toshiba for Component.

    As mentioned, this is not a long term thing. It is just to get me by until I can pick up a new HDTV in the next couple months. With the HTPC acting as a DVR, Netflix, BluRay/DVD player, etc......It is hard getting by without it. Heck, it has just been running and recording all my shows headless for the last 4 days.
  5. So I just came across something. Perhaps I need a video card that has a VIVO interface? I have read many VIVO cards can output and input Component. Hmmmm.....
  6. I used to do this with my old ati hd 2600xt graphics card. What you should look for is having a the tv-out plug (I guess thats what ati called it), which may be harder than I think to find now-a-days. Anyways the card comes with like a 6 in cable that plugs into the little black round port in the back and splits into component video

    Other than that i don't know what to do. Be careful with the dongles because those normally only work for certain graphics cards
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    Yes, you have to have a VIVO card or a card with a TV-out plug (similar to S-Video but with additional pins and included adapters). Without that, you'll need an active adapter box ($40+).

    Short of that, any cheap DVI->Component cables are made for projectors or special equipment and won't function with normal DVI-D signals.

    The only case a DVI->Component Dongle/Adapter will work is if that adapter has been specifically approved for use with your graphics card (VIVO is the most common example).

    Just look for TV-Out/VIVO-enabled cards on Newegg--they're dying out but my old HDTV only accepts Component as its highest possible quality interface at a maximum 1080i, so I was in the same boat. Finding a TV-Out card wasn't hard, but that was back in 2009.

    Here's one such example that comes with a YPbPr adapter included:
  8. Hey guys,
    Here is a quick follow up. I decided to go with a GeForce 9500 GT. Model number 01G-P3-N959-TR

    It came with sdvideo to component. They seem to just call it HDTV connection in most descriptions. Many of the GeForce cards have it. However, as a word of warning, the first one I ordered was from Amazon and it was a cheapo 8400gs that said it came with an HDTV connection and when I received it, it just had HDMI. I was hot. However, I paid a few dollars more and got a better card that was as described.

    Thanks for the suggestions, it really got me moving in the right direction.
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