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So I've been starting to research and look for parts to make my new computer and I have a question about RAM, I believe I've found a good 16 GB RAM for a good price, but one of my mates said to research it and look around for question for it because it may not be the right thing I'm looking for.

The RAM I would like to get is a G.SKILL DDR3 16GB (2x8GB) PC-10666/1333 RipjawsX F3-10666CL9D-16GBXL (GS-F3-10666CL9D-16GBXL)

Website for the RAM:

And the motherboard I'm getting is:

I would just like to know if both of those go well together & if that RAM is good.

Thank you! :)
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  1. Get at least 1600MHz modules. Shouldn't be too expensive
  2. My recamend is fill all slots dont see capacity. see mhz in board and ram.Reason mhz is the key to achive speed. if board support 1600mhz u insert 1333mhz its waste because not get full speed of ram slot. if board support 1333mhz u insert 1600mhz its also waste of money (1333mhz ram is cheaper than 1600mhz)also u not utilise full speed of ram. (2x4Gb=8Gb 1600mhz=3200mhz =3.2ghz) vs (2x8Gb=16Gb 1333mhz=2666mhz=2.6ghz).
    Transcend ram with life time warenty. buy directly at
  3. Thank you for suggestions & information!

    I've done a bit more research and I came across this RAM:

    It's Corsair 4x4GB RAM with 1600mHz
  4. Not a bad choice though on most system, you don't need 16GB. If you're primary usage is gaming, 8GB is more than enough. If you do rendering or editing, 16GB makes sense
  5. Yes, I do game alot & I like to record/render/video edit things & I also play around with FL Studio. But yes, thank you for helping! :)
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