Between a rock and hard place

SO I am trying to figure out what I should do and need some help. Here is my PC specs.

AMD 970 3.5 Ghz
Asus Sabertooth 990fx MoBo
G.SKILL Sniper Series 8GB DDR3 1866
Sapphire Tech 6950 2GB Toxic
Antec High Current Gamer Series 900watt
D-Link DWA-525 Wireless N 150 Desktop Adapter

The question I have is that I am currently using a pci wireless card in my config. I had to remove my sound card as it was also a pci card. Below is the sound card I bought. I bought both as part of my first build. I have learned a bit more since then on what I should buy and to ask questions if I am not 100% sure about something.

current sound card-not installed at this time

current mobo

current wireless card

So I am thinking of buying a new wireless card, something that is faster then the one I got as well as a new sound card but my video card currently blocks my pci express x1 card. Can a pci express x1 card be used in a pci-express x8/x4.

The only reason for a new wireless adapter is when downloading I can maximize my speeds. When I download on my wired connection I get double the speeds. I would just keep in connected to my wired connection but that means I have run a cable on the floor or up the wall. Something in a apartment I do not wish to do .

As well I need the PCI slot free once I can get a second video card for x-fire, so the pci-express 2.0 slots will be the only ones free for what I need.
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  1. well thats a 150mbs wireless card so that shouldnt be the issue if you are getting full signal

    sometimes with pci cards the case blocks the signal

    an external screw in aerial or usb wireless adaptor may be a better idea

    use this to check your wireless strength--anything under 55 is very strong--over 60 is not so good

    wireless usb card with strong reception--i use one of these because of very thick victorian brick

    walls in here block the signal to a lot of wireless cards and laptops
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    strickiller said:
    Can a pci express x1 card be used in a pci-express x8/x4.
    Yes. The PCIe spec was designed specifically so that this would be the case. You only need a slot with at least as many lanes as the card. x4 cards are similarly compatible in x8 and x16 slots.

    Larger cards are compatible with slots wired with fewer lanes, assuming they physically fit in the slot. Many motherboards, including yours, have slots with x16 connectors but only x8 or x4 wiring. The card detects the number of lanes the slot can provide and operates accordingly.

    A new trend is open-ended slots that allow a longer card to be plugged into a shorter slot. I haven't seen too many of these yet, though.
  3. Wireless N is the current high performance standard.

    Depending on your service, I would always expect a cable connection to be faster.

    Is there something you miss from your sound card? Onboard HD sound should be very good.

    And, why not market your current card and replace it with a single strong card instead of cf?
    It will need a lesser psu, run cooler, avoid microstuttering, play non cf optimized games bettter.
  4. Thanks sewalk. That is was I will do. I am glad I will be able to use the pci-e slots for these cards. That solves the problem I have.

    In response to geofelt the on-board is OK but I want some really nice sound for my gaming time as well. I am running a 900 watt power supply. I have more then enough head room for a second card. I could buy a new card and resale my current one but that means I need to first find someone who would be interested in my current gpu. Then buy a new faster one, but Ati just started releasing the new 7000 series cards(sorry no nvidia for me, not that they are good). Ati cards are just easier to add multiple card in crossfire.
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