Is this a decent PSU?

At the moment I have a cheap 650w PSU and after some decussion on the forum today I have decided to invest in a new, better and more advanced PSU , currently I have an Alpine 650W PSU off amazon for £18

But i have a set budget and it looks like this is the closet match to what I need, my case has green led fans so this suits it and the price indicates its not some cheap chinese clone of a thing.

Is it ok? would it run my specs good?
XFX HD 5870/7800 series

Thanks all, all help is appreciated greatly:)
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  1. Im not really sure if one can call that "better", a 650 W unit with 2 12 V rails at 14 A and 16 A means at best you have 30 A total, the corsair 400 CX had 31 A on its 12 V rail and could actually do it, that unit probably wouldn't survive full load for more than a minute, and full load for it is certainly less than 650 W.

    Get yourself a good unit, if it doesn't have at least 80+ basic certification skip it and move on.
  2. The reason I want to get rid of my current one is because it was dented when it arrived and people pointed out to me that it is cheap and could blow my system, i thought the

    would be better? or would it make no differnce? also the one i have has no cable sleeving, only 1 6pin pci-e and ofcourse is dented. What should I do?
  3. It is better, but it isn't safe to run a 5870 on.

    Its like having a 10 ounce bag of dog poop on your step in the morning versus a 5 ounce bag, sure the 5 ounce bag is a better scenario, but you still work up to a large bag of dog poop on your front step.

    You really need to spend a bit more and get a good unit like the 550 W XFX, it is significantly more powerful than either of the other two despite what the deceptive 650 W labels would have you believe, its a much higher quality unit than either of them and can handle a system with a single 5870.
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