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Hi I am currently trying to determine the cause of system crashing and I am unsure whether it is the motherboard or the CPU. I have attempted to boot multiple times with different results.
The system has been stable for over a year, however some components are ageing (3ish years)
Boot attempt have yielded the following. 1 successful load of windows followed by a crash with grey bars covering the screen. 1 attempt to load bios. Mobo bios loads but then crashes. Multiple attempts to boot result in black screen no motherboard bios loading screens or anything and a single beep sound that repeats every 10 seconds or so.
The system is a phenom 2 quad core with an asus am3 motherboard.
Crashes during bios lead me to believe that it is the mobocracy or CPU at fault.

Any questions pls ask. Thanks for the help!
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  1. Can you strip down your system to just motherboard, CPU w/ fan and RAM installed and get POST beep and get into BIOS?

    If still having issues, maybe try re-installing CPU and fan, re-seat RAM modules and try again. If you can't get into BIOS with that setup, I'd guess mobo first, then RAM.
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