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Hey guys,

my heatsink bracket off my AM3+ ASRock 970extreme broke off. Was wondering if anybody can help me find a heatsink that does NOT require a bracket for my AMD phenom ii x4 970 CPU.

I cant tell which heatsinks off newegg require a bracket or not, so was wondering if anybody experienced can help me out. Thank you!!!

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    Most good aftermarket ones come with their own back plates where you remove the stock bracket from the motherboard and bolt the new heatsink to the board without needing the old hardware, that is probably your best solution. Something like the Hyper 212 comes with its own bracket and will be a nice upgrade in cooling potential.

    All heatsinks require some sort of bracket to keep them attached firmly to the top of the CPU, its just a question of if it uses the one that came attached to the board.
  2. thank you for the speedy reply. may be a really silly question, but didnt want to turn off my computer and open up my case to figure it out:

    Are all stock brackets removable from the motherboard?
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  4. Yes, it is secured by four screws in the corners. Saint19 wrote a guide for installing the Hyper 212+, it walks you through removing the original bracket first.
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