Dual vent ?!

Hi all!

What nVidia GTX 590 graphics card is there with dual vent instead of the original single-vent ?
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  1. what do you mean by Dual "Vent" ? and why would you go with a single GTX 590 while you can get the same performance out of 2 GTX 570s in SLI
  2. When I said « Dual-Vents » I'm refering to the Fans, or to be more precise, Dual-Fans.

    As for the SLI solution... well, since my MB only has a single slot of PCIe16x I can not do SLI. Therefore it's out of the question.
  3. so what is your full system specs ?
    HD 6990, GTX 590 will be mostly a reference designed cards... a few of them are being produced and sold out ... and will disappear soon from the market
  4. Current specification:

    CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE
    RAM: 4x2GB DDR2-1066 Kingston HyperX
    MB: ASUS M4A78 PRO
    Sound: OnBoard
    LAN: OnBoard
    Graphics: OnBoard
    PowerSupply: Eurotech V70 Modular PRO 900W
    HDD-Primary: Samsung 160GB SATA-II 8MB-Cache
    HDD-Secondary: Hitashi 80GB SATA-I 4MB-Cache

    Connected to a TV-Monitor via DVI-to-HDMI/DVI
    TV-Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster TA350 FullHD
  5. i can find only EVGA GTX 590 on both ebay and newegg, and both are reference designed cards.
    i have never heard of that PSU, are you sure it will handle the GTX 590 just fine ?
    another question ? why do you need the GTX 590 ? it's a very hard decision for enthusiasts to decide when they going hard on games
  6. I was actually looking to get a MSI GTX580 since their models have dual-fans providing better cooling. But since I'm limited to one slot PCIe and can't SLI I was trying to find a model of the GTX590 with similar cooling system because it's like a SLI on a single graphics card.
    Also I'm looking to try the Dual Monitor gaming (I have a second similar TV-Monitor that I can use for that.)
    As my last thought... I'm always looking to buy stuff that will endure time for longest run possible and since I'm a Crisys fan (and other games of sort) that becomes a little tougher.
  7. BTW, the PSU:
  8. Thanks for your input!

    I'm also a rookie CUDA developer, so using nVidia cards is prioritised over ATI (AMD).
  9. haha i love AMD but i don't show that, the priority for the performance
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