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Hey guys,

I recently wanted to integrate my tv and computer monitor to save space. Basically I bought a 40' Toshiba LED 60 Hz tv and use it as a computer monitor. I have a wireless keyboard and mouse so I sit about 6 feet away from the screen. However sometimes in gaming I notice an ever-so-slight lag with the mouse compared to how it moves on the screen with I move it with my hand. Are LED tv's suitable for pc gaming? At first I bought a Seiki brand tv and had to return it because the lag on the mouse time was terrible.

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  1. First, check to see whether your TV has a Game mode--basically, a display mode that turns off postprocessing routines at the cost of a slight reduction in image quality. You might have to muck around in the manual to figure out exactly what it does, some manufacturers incorporate an Overdrive mode that may actually increase input lag.

    Next, turn off as many other video-processing options as you can. Each manufacturer tends to identify its features with different acronyms such as DRE or 3DNR, etc...try turning them off and seeing whether your lag improves.

    Out of curiosity have you tried a wired mouse/keyboard yet?
  2. Yes i've tried a wired mouse and keyboard, and there is still the same amount of lag. I would think the idea of using a HD TV for PC gaming would be catching on more, its very ideal. Are there any TV's out there that are perfect for PC gaming?
  3. BUMP

    also, it's LCD, not LED. Sorry for the confusion.
  4. Just for future reference for you, LCD and LED televisions are exactly the same apart from the type of backlight they use. LCD displays utilize a CCFL mercury backlight and LED displays utilize LED lights, usually placed on the edges of the screen. The LCD matrix that filters the light is the same (well, LED displays have an additional yellow filter but I won't get into that).

    Now, onto your actual problem, check in the TV's menu for noise reduction and turn it off, that might be adding some delay. If it's not present, then I'm sorry, but many LCD displays have input lag, and yours might be one of them. Usually they have some sort of "game" picture mode where some of the picture processing isn't utilized.
  5. ok thank you. my tv does have a "game" mode which i was able to turn on. I believed it reduced some of the latency.

    Thanks guys!
  6. As a side note, overly-long, non-active cables can delay response times. If the cables you used to connect the computer and the TV are very long it can account for lag.
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