My onboard graphics aren't enough for DVR ?

I just upgraded my DVR video camera surveillance system with a quiet Intel BOXD525MW + Atom D525.... I bought a new DVR card from a chinese seller on ebay and it looks like a clone of "GeoVision" software which is supposed to be something good...

Now my problem is that most of my cameras are lagging badly... Sometimes the image can freeze for 2-3 seconds.. And most of the time it is definatly not live...

So i'm wondering if the problem is my new DVR card or is it because my computer's onboard graphics aren't enough to monitor 4 cameras live ? My old setup was a Pentium4 with a shitty 6-years-old Radeon graphic card

The onboard video i am currently using is Intel GMA 3150

This is my hardware:

And my DVR card:

My DVR card is 120 FPS just like my old card, thats 30FPS per channel its supposed to be live without lag
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  1. Must be that dvr you bought from that seller..................................................
  2. Well i just tested it on my other computer (intel core i5 with semi-good gfx card) and it works perfectly with 1 camera plugged in.... i dont understand whats wrong

    i found a similar card on google and the recommanded graphic card was a Radeon X1300

    How is my Intel GMA 3150 compared to a Radeon X1300 ???? Better, similar, or cheaper ??
  3. I don't think graphics effect this at all. I believe it is your cpu
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