Case size for mid-high end GPUs

I am wondering what Case I would need to fit in this stuff.

Asrock ATX Pro3 Gen3 Mobo

Geforce 560ti and later maybe switch to a 580

I am just wondering what case would be best I was looking at this.

Sharkoon T9

or maybe I need something bigger? I am just worried the PSU cables won't reach if I get a bigger case.

My PSU is a Corsair 850w enthusiast.
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  1. Your PSU cables will be long enough - particularly on an enthusiast class PSU. They are built to work with full towers-- much bigger than this case.

    Most GPUs fit in mid-tower cases, however you can always look at measurements to be sure.
  2. Cooler Master HAF 912.
  3. It will fit everything with room to spare. That PSU should have cables long enough that you will be looking for someplace to hide the excess length. Also, the power cables on the video cards plug into the end adding 10 cm or so to account for overall length.
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