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Hi guys,

I'm looking for some advice on how to proceed. Frogive me for not using the standard template but it doesn't apply here. Currently I have the following:

Core I7-930
ASUS P6X58D Premium
6 Gig RAM
Radeon HD 5870 1Gb
Intel X25-M
850W Antec PSU

I'd like to build a second rig to support a home cockpit. Basically I'd like to have one main 42" LCD coupled with two 32" LCD on either side using eyefinity to have a wide ranging view. I plan to use two more 24" lcd or similar to display my pilots and copilots main controls (EICAS etc) and perhaps a sixth for either upper panel or FMC. I understand the restrictions with having to use at least one active Display Port adapter per card.

I currently use this comp for photo processing and the occasional game like Call of Duty. Here are my options:

Option 1: Add one more HD 5870 in crossfire and overclock the I7-930 and use for FSX. Build a new office PC with based on Core I5-2500K

Option 2: Keep the I7-930 for the office and build a new system to support FSX based on the Core I5-2500K overclocked. In this case will two 5970 (2gig) in x-fire work or should I go for 6950 or 6970, 1gig or 2 gig? (all crossfire of course)

Not sure what do to because I don't know which video card setup will be needed for the FSX six monitor setup.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. option 2.you should go with 2500k and 6970X2.1gb is not enough for eyefinity IMO.2gb is enough.
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