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Hey all. I just attempted to hook my new system to my 60 in led tv, sharp brand less than a year old. its native res claims to be 1920x1080 but it does not fit on the screen at those dimensions. i have to scale it back manually to something like 1880x1036. just wondering if anyone had any idea why, and if there was another way to fix it properly. Another question I had was my video card is a geforce gtx 580, evga brand. I can either use a dvi cable and use an adaptor to swap to hdmi or i can use a mini hdmi and adapt it, which to u consider to be better? I get sound with either one but didnt know it either was known to perform slightly better, otherwise If there even i guess ill go with the mini cuz its less hooking up effort. thanks.
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  1. Actually problem solved. It seems that my tv has a zoom in feature and for some reason on hdmi 2 where im hooked into, that feature was active making it appear like it didnt fit. now its fine at 1920x1080
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