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Hi I recently bought an Axle GTX 460(DDR 5,1GB,450W) ,upgraded my Motherboard to Foxconn G41MX-K Motherboard and also bought a PSU which is 450W Antec (VP450P Model). my UPS is 650VA and its Battery is 7Ah,12V one recently changed it because my older one was dead. now I've got an issue when my computer stays idle , or do some light works UPS can supply power for a couple of minutes as usual but when I play a game like Skyrim, Shogun 2 and suddenly the main power goes UPS turns off itself and blinks its red light button continuously which is normally happens when the Battery has no power at all. when I play a heavy game I heard the Graphic card's fan's noise it may probably use max power. I am wondering this UPS is not enough for my system or now? what this happened?
is there any issue with my UPS or is it not enough for my system?
because this didn't happen when I have a cheap model 450W PSU, 9500GT Graphic card.

My System is

Foxconn G41MX-K Motherboard
Hitachi 250GB 7200rpm Hard disk
Axle GTX 460(DDR 5,1GB,450W) Graphic Card
1 DVD Writer , Samsung.
Samsung 15 inches , Sync Master 632NW Model LCD Monitor
2.6GHz(Over Clocked to 2.8GHz~ Dynamic Overclocking) Intel Dual Core Processor.
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  1. help man?
  2. Your UPS' wattage rating will be lower than its VA rating. It may very well not be up to the task of powering your upgraded rig. One thing you can do to test it is disconnect your PC and monitor and get some lamps. Plug those into it. Increase the number of lamps and/or wattage. It will likely cut out around half the VA rating.
    Also, some cheap UPS units have liar-labels on them just like PSUs, and may only able to handle a fraction of their rated load.
  3. hey I forgot to mention I've already done it
    I connected a 60W bulb and it kept roughly 10 minutes.
  4. Increase the number and/or wattage of the bulb(s) you use in your test. That way you will find the max wattage your UPS will support. You only need to pull the plug for a minute or two. The blinking red is probably an overload signal.
  5. I don't have that much of bulbs. :(
  6. according to my calculation it should be roughly 1.33 Minutes.
    but that's not the reality.
  7. Well, without performing tests, any suggestions will be limited to speculation, and of limited value.
  8. its worth noting that if it'd a 7Ah 12V battery it ought to be able to run a 60 Watt bulb for an hour... So you may have a problem with the UPS. Or your just overloading its output as was said.

    Also that is an active power factor correction PSU, and cheap UPSs usually don't work well with them. I would think increased load would make it less stable.

    " However, this writeup is lacking one crucial detail in that it is not always the PSU that shuts down, instead with some pairs of PSU and UPS the problem is the modified sine wave causes too great an inrush current and the UPS shuts off its output, which of course shuts down the PSU too but it was the UPS that shut down first."
  9. what is UPS overload and how am I gonna fix it?
  10. The Antec VP450 does NOT have active PFC: although it is otherwise a very good PSU.
    Looking at the PSU page, red for 10 seconds looks like an overload.
    Most likely, you need a larger UPS. They are more expensive, but if you can afford it, I'd recommend a true-sine wave unit.
  11. How old is the UPS? Sounds like the battery charger isn't working properly.
  12. roughly 1.5 years old I suppose.
  13. I sent my last msg. before I was done with my remark.
    Sounds like the battery charger is not working properly.
    Also, and I have no first hand knowledge of this. Can you fully charge the battery, unplug the UPS from the wall and start up the computer, boot it and run it for a few minutes before ithe battery gives out? Just wondering. That video card sucks up about 165 Watts just in idle mode.
  14. Your UPS is sufficient to give you time to shut down (immediately) not continue using the system.
  15. yeah I always keep it connects to the main supply. so it's always fully charge.
  16. This is what happens. when I play a game (when the system pulls the max power ) when suddenly there is a power drop system turns off itself and the red bulb on UPS keep making an alarm noise. it doesn't blink or anything it keeps on.
  17. When playing a game, your system requires more current than your UPS can provide. Whether or not it "should" be able to provide that amount of current is irrelevant; it can't. Your solution is to replace your UPS with a larger unit.
  18. as I remember This didn't happen before I replace the battery. I used this system almost a couple of week before replacing the battery of UPS. I think there is something wrong with the UPS but not sure I am gonna check that anyway.
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